Agile Product Management: Product Owner: 27 Tips To Manage Your Product And Work (scrum, scrum master, agile development, agile software development)


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Product Owner – Your Job Just Got Easier

In this class, you will be given a multitude of proven tips to effectively create a product and work with scrum teams.

I am confident that this class will enable you to learn a multitude of skills since it starts by giving you a full introduction to the concept of scrum and agile product development, scrum and agile principles and a host of other valuable information that will give you a full understanding of the topic. I then walk you through the process of understanding your role as a product owner, how your role differs from that of a traditional product manager, how to create products and a lot more. Once you’ve learnt all that, I will then give you valuable tips for effectively creating a product and working with teams. As you go through the class, you will come across a wide range of practical examples that you can use to understand the scrum framework a lot better. To break this class into easy to digest parts, you will learn:

A brief recap of agile and scrum, its principles and other concepts involved in scrum

What your job as a product owner entails and how your work differs from that of a typical product manager

How to create a product using the scrum framework

How product creation in scrum differs from other agile frameworks like the Waterfall method.

How to create a product roadmap

27 tips that you can follow to create your product and to manage your scrum team

So let’s get started and let me teach you how to improve product backlog management.

Table of Contents

Agile Product Management:

Product Owner

27 Tips To Manage Your Product And Work With Scrum Teams


Scrum Methodology: The Basics

What Is Agile?

What Is Scrum?


Scrum Team (Also Referred To As The 3 Roles In Scrum)

Scrum Ceremonies

Scrum Artifacts

Principles to remember

Agile Product Owner: A Deep Understanding

What Is A Product Owner?

Traditional Product Development vs Scrum Product Development

How Is The Product Owner Different From A Traditional Product Manager?

A Day In The Life Of A Product Owner (Including Typical Stakeholders)

What Is A Product Roadmap?

How Does A Product Roadmap Help You Build Products?

Key Principles To Use When Carrying Out The Role Of The Product Owner

How To Create A Product Using The Scrum Framework

Tips To Effectively Create A Product

Be as available as possible

Know your product

Be empowered without dictating

Practice humility

Be prepared

Learn to communicate

Be reasonable but fun

Know your role and those of the others

Instill Focus

Stay on top of incomplete work

Practice the principle of less is more

Work closely with your team

Make your priorities strict

Do not include un-necessary features

Encourage your team to finish what they start

If your team asks,assist them

Respect your team’s space

Make sure user stories are clear and concise

Show your scrum master you value him/ her

Make responsible decisions

Build good relationships with your stakeholders

…and more…

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